Being a Classy Woman Means

Being a Classy Woman Means Having Broad Formal and “Real Life” Education, Wit, and Sense of HumorThere is no way around it – perceived class has little weight and value if the person behind it has no interesting thoughts, opinions, views or observations. Being a classy woman requires an ability to share and challenge ideas and be an engaging company. This doesn’t mean that you have to argue or try to prove that you are right all the time. You do have to be able to possess a degree of sense of humor and wit, and enjoy playful banter, as it’s an integral part of flirting and intellectual foreplay.


Crochet Ready to Go!🛳⛵️

Crochet Ready to Go!🛳⛵️

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Loving Summer❤️

Loving Summer❤️

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✈️ 🌴 Honolulu 🌴 ✈️

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